Family Heritage Art by Maynard Waters

Maynard Waters has found great pleasure in painting small portraits of people in their urban and rural properties. These artworks are very personal paintings and Maynard spends time getting to know the people involved before putting paint on canvas.

Maynard takes great pride in these individual art works depicting Australian families.

For further information please contact Maynard.

The images below are examples of Maynard's Family Heritage Paintings and commission work - please note that the paintings on this page are not for sale.

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The Old Property
The old property
Opera House Forecourt
Peter & Carmel's Engagement
Tom and Bird
Bobs Bird
Mark and William
Mark, Gordon and William
Janet and Bill at the Old House
Janet and Bill
Janet and Bill
Janet and Bill (Inset)
Kalamundah - My Grandfathers Grave